GSoC – Prologue

So, I have been accepted for the Google Summer of Code – 2016 for the project “Ruby Wrappers for SymEngine”, under the mentoring organization SciRuby.

The aim of this post is to give an introduction to the project.

The abstract of the project is as follows:

A project started by the SymPy organisation, SymEngine is a standalone fast C++ symbolic manipulation library. It solves mathematical problems the same way a human does, but way more quickly and precisely. The motivation for SymEngine is to develop the Computer Algebra System once in C++ and then use it from other languages rather than doing the same thing all over again for each language that it is required in. The project for Ruby bindings has already been setup at symengine.rb. Few things that the project involves are:
  • Extending the C interface of SymEngine library.
  • Wrapping up the C interface for Ruby using Ruby C API, including error handling.
  • Designing the Ruby interface.
  • Integrating IRuby with symengine gem for better printing and writing IRuby notebooks.
  • Integrating the gem with existing gems like gmp, mpfr and mpc.
  • Making the installation of symengine gem easier.

If you are interested, the full proposal, which includes the timeline is available online.

Also, the GitHub repository for the project is at SymEngine/SymEngine.rb.

The actual coding phase starts in about a month, and before that I plan to complete the Ruby Wrappers for the Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions and to write the necessary tests. Next, the NTheory CWrappers can be wrapped into Ruby. This too will be done before the GSoC period starts.

Keep checking the blog if you are interested to track the progress of this project. I will be posting weekly updates in the blog.

Auf Wiedersehen!


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