Community Bonding Period Starts for GSoC

So, the GSoC is officially starting with the community bonding period until the last week of May. Until then, the official requirements are to get to know the communities. For my project, this puts me in an odd situation with the project being done for SymEngine community, while under the auspices of SciRuby Foundation. For the starters, I am familiar with many people from the SymEngine community, and just now I am trying to get more involved with the SciRuby people.

Also, according to my proposal I have listed a couple of tasks to be completed before the actual coding begins. So this week was mostly spent on merging my existing and long standing PR for Ruby Wrappers for Trigonometric, Hyperbolic and other functions. The major problem I had was writing the repetitive tests for all the functions included in the wrappers. But apart from that the requirements were quite straightforward.

For the next week, I am planning to wrap the Number Theory functions in Ruby. This already has a CWrapper, which makes my task a lot easier.

Apart from coding, I wanted to set the record straight for SymEngine gem in the sciruby website. It lists the SymEngine gem as broken, and I would need to correct the gem’s installation scripts. Figuring out this is another task I carry on for the coming week.

See you!

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