GSoC Week 2 Progress

Despite having a smooth flow in week 1, my luck ran over halfway through this week. It can be called quite a bumpy ride.

At the start of the week it was really great, I got Complex Doubles ready with the PR #46, along with the Real Doubles. Another quick fix for the CWrapper was covered with PR  #966.

But the troubles began to appear with me moving into wrapping RealMPFRs. MPFR is a library for arbitrary precision floating point numbers. This is implemented in SymEngine as RealMPFR, and I started work on wrapping this, along with MPC for complex numbers for both C (PR #972) and Ruby (PR #49). On the Ruby side, it was expected to be initialized with Floats, Strings or BigDecimals.

After a very bumpy ride, mainly because of me not being very much used to memory management in C, and some issues which had to be fixed along the way (Issue #974). Struggling with that, I somehow was able to finish the MPFR part (actually currently waiting for all the tests to run), and will be able to move on to MPC (should be easier and doable within a day, now that MPFR is already done).

But that means when I start next week, I will have a backlog, which I don’t like to have hovering over me. Anyway, I hope to clear the backlog and get back to track by next weekend.

Have a nice weekend!

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