GSoC Weeks 6 & 7 Progress

Week 6 was quite a rush, with many other things happening, and the work getting lagged behind. But with week 7, I was able to put much extra time into the project and get more or less up-to date with the time-line.

Since, the end of week 5, the progress is as follows:

  • Completed and merged Matrix CWrappers in PR #992.
  • Completed and merged Parser CWrapper in PR #1029.
  • Completed and merged PR #1027 which had wrappers for various functions for Number class, needed for the tests in Ruby to function properly.
  • PR #56 in the Ruby Wrapper for Matrices is almost ready, with several review feedback to be incorporated.
  • PR #60 in the Ruby Wrapper for Parser is ready to be merged.
  • PR #59 contains the updates for the IRuby Notebooks, which will be used by @certik for SciPy 2016’s SymEngine talk.
  • PR #55 with the Ruby wrappers for evalf was finally merged after quite a time going into accmmodating floating point tests.
  • Issue #57 was closed in the Ruby Wrapper.

In the proposal, I had promised an auxiliary feature of LaTeX friendly outputs for SymEngine Expresions, given I am on time. But considering I am barely hanging on to the time line, I decided to push this to the end of the time line.

So I will immediately start working on the lambdify functions, and hopefully start exception catching in the same week. This will give me time to come back to the LaTeX friendly expressions in the last weeks.

See you!

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