GSoC Week 8 Progress

When this week started, most of the work up to week 7 were done. In the first couple of days this week, code for parsing was merged, and I started looking into wrapping lambdification of SymEngine Basic expressions.

This was a seemingly easy task, with two options ahead of me. One was to directly wrap C++’s lambdify_double method, while the other was to create Ruby lambdas directly.

After considering various aspects, and with feedback from other contributors, I decided to go ahead with writing them directly in Ruby.

It is now completed, and undergoing review.

The code implemented allows lamdifying SymEngine::Basic expressions with free symbols.

i.e. let, f = x + y, where x and y are SymEngine::Symbols,

a lambda is expected, such that it can be called,, 4) which would return 7.

For expressions with single or multiple symbols, it works as following:

f = x + y
f_lambda = SymEngine::lambdify(f, [x, y])

For expressions with a single symbol, it can be used through the to_proc method, using a & call.

f_diam = 2 * SymEngine::PI * r
radii = [2, 3, 4]
diams =


With another day left already, I am looking at Exception Handling, which I expect to be complicated in implementing.

See you next week!



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