GSoC : Epilogue


For the duration of GSoC, I have worked on the SymEngine project, with focus on writing the Cwrapper and specifically the Ruby Wrapper. Major work during the project timeline included wrapping already existing features such as MPC, MPFR, arbitrary precision evaluations, Matrices, expression parsing etc., and new features such as lambdifying expressions in Ruby and Exception Handling.


My proposal for GSoC 2016 can be viewed here [1].

Progress Report:

After 13 weeks of GSoC, we’re now at the end of the summer, and it is time for me to explain and report what I did with SymEngine and its Ruby Wrappers throughout the summer.

For reporting purposes, I will take each week’s workload and indicate the status in a tabular manner, with links to the relevant PRs. Due to the nature of the project, each part usually consists of two PRs. One to the SymEngine repository [2], and the other to the SymEngine.rb [3] repository.

Week Work SymEngine SymEngine.RB Comments
1, 2 Complex Numbers & Floating Points Completed

Wrappers for Real Double: PR#954

Implementing real_double_get_d method: PR#966

Wrappers for Real MPFR and Complex MPC: PR#972

fixes #974: PR#975


Real Double Class: PR#46

Ruby Wrappers for Real MPFR and Complex MPC: PR#49

3 Derivatives, Substitutions, Abs Completed

Function symbol Cwrappers: PR#982


Abs: PR#50

Function symbol Ruby Wrappers: PR#51

3 Series & Polynomials The relevant parts in SymEngine’s C++ code library was not ready, so I had to skip this part.
3 Evalf Completed

Common evals method and its Cwrappers: PR#987

Sign check for Numbers: PR#1027


evalf ruby wrapper: PR#55

This was not included in the original proposal. Completed to compensate for Series and Polynomials.
4, 5, 6 Matrices Completed.

Matrix Cwrappers: PR#992

PR Under Review.

Matrix Ruby Wrappers: PR#56

7 Parser Completed

CWrapper for parser: PR#1029


Ruby wrapper for parser: PR#60

Awaiting merging.
8 Lambdify N/A Completed

Lambdify as a module level function: PR#61

All work was performed on Ruby Wrappers directly.
9, 10 Exception Handling Completed

Exception Handling: PR#1044

Fixing enum issue in Exceptions: PR#1069


Exception Handling: PR#64

Wiki on exception handling. [4]
11 Interfacing with GMP, MPFR, MPC gems Incomplete Incomplete
12 Buffer Period N/A N/A Allocated time to catch up with missed work.
13 Iruby Notebooks N/A Awaiting Merging
Changes to beginner notebook:
Although the examples are ready, and were included in SymEngine’s presentation at SciPy [5], they were not merged, pending improvements to the formatting.

Other PRs:

The following PRs were made for minor contributions.

Summary of Merged Contributions:

  • On SymEngine/SymEngine Repository:
106 commits / 4,316 ++ / 1,928 —

  • On SymEngine/SymEngine.RB Repository:
134 commits / 3,756 ++ / 1,319 —


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